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Cosmetic Dentist

Taking the best care of your teeth and gums is vital to your oral health as well as to your overall health. There are plenty of things you can do at home to make sure that your dental and oral health is always at the top of its game. Making sure that you brush twice a day, floss and use an anti-bacterial mouth rinse are all great at-home methods for maintain a healthy oral environment. While these habits are still important to keep up, there are other things you can do to take care of your teeth as well, such as visiting your dentist for routine cosmetic work. Our Oak Lawn cosmetic dentist, Linda M. Weinfield DDS, is here to provide you and your family with the comprehensive cosmetic care that you need. 3603031_xxl

Our cosmetic dentist Linda M. Weinfield DDS can provide a wealth of dental procedures here at our offices in Oak Lawn. Cosmetic dental care sounds like it is only about maintaining appearances. While cosmetic dentistry can and does absolutely improve the appearance of your smile, many of the routine procedures associated with the practice also help maintain a healthy oral environment. One of the most common dental ailments is the development of cavities. Cavities occur when plaque buildup on your tooth enamel reacts with carbohydrates and sugars in the foods that you consume every day. This reaction is acidic and slowly eats away at your tooth enamel, thus creating a cavity. In order to treat a cavity, the decayed parts of the tooth are removed but the cavity is then filled to prevent further infection as well as restore the appearance of your tooth. Other routine cosmetic procedures work in much the same way. Root canal procedures also get rid of any infected tissue and fill in the open areas to restore function to the tooth while also restoring its appearance. Dental caps and crowns are often used over teeth that have been treated for root canals or for teeth that have been chipped or broken. Bridges and dentures can be crafted here to help fill in smiles, evening out a bite and relieving strain put on the jaw and remaining teeth.

Our Oak Lawn cosmetic dentist, Linda M. Weinfield DDS, can provide you with routine dental procedures as well as ones that are purely cosmetic. Some more cosmetic procedures include veneers, teeth whitening and botox or dermal fillers. Take care of your smile today and schedule an appointment with Linda M. Weinfield DDS today.

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