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60453 Pediatric Dentist

Kids dentist in 60453

60453 pediatric dentist

60453 pediatric dentist

Baby teeth may only have a short tenure, but they serve a crucial role in your child’s dental development. Our 60453 pediatric dentist, Linda M. Weinfield DDS, is committed to creating and implementing a strategy so that the health of your child’s baby teeth is given the attention it deserves.

Maintaining the health of teeth should start before the first tooth comes in. Wipe your baby’s gums after feedings, and use a soft cloth with warm water to do it. As those baby teeth, or primary teeth as they are also known, begin to erupt, it’s a good idea to bring her or him in for an initial visit with our 60453 pediatric dentist. Baby teeth are prone to cavities, and being proactive is the best way to prevent them from forming. As a parent, you don’t want your child to suffer with a toothache, and neither does our 60453 pediatric dentist. Be careful not to put him or her to bed with a bottle or let your child with a bottle for extended periods. Begin brushing your child’s teeth with toothpaste by the age of 2. Naturally, proper technique will yield the best results, and our office will show her or him the most effective method. Ultimately, the goal, beyond preventing toothaches, is to keep those baby teeth in until they are ready to fall out on their natural schedule. Anything that interferes with that, such as having to extract a tooth ahead of that schedule, can create complications. Other teeth may shift and that leads to insufficient room for adult teeth to erupt.

Let Dr. Weinfield work with you as a partner in looking after the well-being of your child’s baby teeth. A little effort goes a long way, and he or she will be much happier without any undue tooth pain or other difficulties. Contact our office to arrange an appointment.

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